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I made a very similar game for GitHub GameOff 2020 and today I found yours. You've done it far better than me. :D


Pretty cool that we came up with such a similar concept! :D

Cool game

What a calming game!

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Happy to hear that you liked it!

perfect one of my fouvorites

Glad you like it! :)

Nice game! Write me if I can help you in anything connected to this game development.

Thanks for the support! 

I'm not sure if I have time to develop this game further at this point. Maybe in the future, but now I need to concentrate more on my Game Dev studies and the projects that it brings along.

alright, I didn't want to interrupt you. I just wanted to support this project(or your work)

Oke, good luck on your projects and studies!


Okay. Thanks man! :)